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Vaastu Alert –
Plot Shapes – Part 2

Dr Ravi Rao

In the previous issue our Vaastu Alerts article spoke about the various shapes of plots and their repercussions. This article deals with the tricky issue of handling of odd shaped plots.

Ideally one must avoid any odd shaped plot and instead go only for a four cornered rectangular or square shaped plot.

Number of Corners

Given below is a rating of Vaastu potency of a plot depending on the number of its corners:-

  • Four corners is best.
  • Five corners is bad.
  • Six corners is worse than a five cornered plot.
  • Eight cornered plot is worst of all.

Alignment with the cardinal directions

However it must be remembered that there is an additional dimension and that is the alignment of the plot with the cardinal directions. Plots not aligned to the main directions lose Vaastu potency to the degree of variance. Up to a 12% variance in the alignment is tolerable. A plot with a 30% alignment variance with the cardinal directions should be avoided.

Relative position to ground level

Another factor to be borne in mind is the relative position of the plot with the ground levels. Plots above the ground level are better. Plots below the ground level are bad.

Though, as mentioned above odd shaped plots are to be avoided, it might be the case that a person is stuck with an odd shaped plot. This might happen for many reasons:-

  • Inherit an odd shaped plot
  • Odd shaped plot comes as your share of a division of property of a company
  • Selling a portion of a large plot and being left with an odd shaped remainder plot
  • Buying an adjacent plot thereby extending the existing plot in such manner that the plot gets an odd shape.
  • A plot acquiring an odd shape because a public road cuts through it.

Vaastu And Five Elements

Irrespective of the circumstances that resulted in the acquisition of a triangular plot it must be given up. Rectifying a triangular plot is almost nearly impossible and that is why it should be avoided at all costs.

Odd shaped plots should not be used for any main activity but may be used for inconsequential side activities. To give an example an industrial unit can use an odd shaped plot as a cattle shed or nursery etc.

However, if the main business is cattle then the fortunes of the occupant of an odd shaped plot will crumble.