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L&T – Larsen & Toubro

L&T-Corporate-LogoLarsen & Toubro (L&T as it is popularly known) is a technology-driven engineering and construction organization, and one of the largest companies in India’s private sector. It has additional interests in manufacturing, services and Information Technology. The company is synonymous with top-class quality and it is this that has enabled it to sustain leadership in its major lines of business across seven decades. With factories and offices located around the country, further supplemented by a wide marketing and distribution network, L&T’s image and equity extends to virtually every district of India. L&T has an international presence, with a global spread of offices and advanced manufacturing facilities in India, China, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Yellow-color-logosThe L& T logo has remained unchanged from the early beginnings. The company expanded operations by collaborations and by adding divisions some with the collaborators name & logo added to the company and some independent divisions that still used the L&T logo like L&T Infotech.

Like L&T many cement and infrastructure companies also use yellow in the logo. Yellow is one of the three primary colors. The other two are red and blue. The shade of yellow determines its meaning and impact. The yellow used by L&T symbolizes wisdom, liberalism, hope, optimism, imagination, curiosity and high intellect. The unique yet simple configuration of L&T using the combination of yellow and black is a masterpiece of balance and harmony though normally colors like Red, Blue or Orange co-ordinate better with Yellow.

When L&T sold off its cement division to the Aditya Birla group, it was renamed Ultratech by the Birlas who also chose to retain the yellow and black combination which has worked well for L&T.

When I modified the Sanghi Cement Logo I retained the yellow because it provides a happy balance between wisdom and optimism. Additionally it is supportive of expansion and diversification. It is the perfect scaffolding on which cement and infrastructure companies can build their future.

L&TIt was the business of cement that brought the young Mr. Henning Holck – Larsen and Mr. S.K.Toubro into India. They arrived here as representatives of the Danish engineering firm F L Smidth & Co. in connection with the merger of cement companies that later grouped into the Associated Cement Companies. Together, Mr. Holck-Larsen and Mr. Toubro founded the partnership firm of L&T in 1938, which was converted into a limited company on February 7, 1946.

ECC was conceived as Engineering Construction Corporation Limited in April 1944 and was incorporated as wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited. L&T’s founders Mr. Holck – Larsen and Mr. Toubro laid the foundation for ECC. It has today emerged as India’s leading construction organization.

Some of its important divisions are :-

Engineering & Construction Projects (E&C),

Heavy Engineering (HED),

Engineering Construction & Contracts (ECC),

Electrical & Automation (EBG),

Machinery & Industrial Products (MIPD),

Information Technology & Engineering Services


The Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2008 ranked Larsen & Toubro at 961.