Connecting Vaastu to the 21st Century

Vaastuyogam is a monthly newsletter that dwells on the ancient Vedic sciences of India, more particularly Vaastu and how it has brought positive change into lives of many. Published by the Ahmedabad based renowned Vaastu consultant, Dr. Ravi Rao, the newsletter carries various running series of articles like Architect's Voice, Vaastu Turnaround, Corporate Logos and Essay Features.

Architects Voice is an interview based series wherein leading architects from all over are interviewed with emphasis on Vaastu.

Vaastu Turnaround is a series that talks to businessmen , industrialists, professionals both in India and across the globe about how Vaastu intervention by Dr Ravi Rao and how their lives took a turn in a positve direction therefater.

Corporate logos is a matter of special interest for Dr. rao and he has turned the fortunes of many a company by modifying or changing their logos. This series takes a broad view of corporate logos of large corporations both in India and abroad. Occasionally, it also discusses some case studies of logos modified by Dr Ravi Rao.

Finally we have essay features, Vaastu Way, A series of essays that takes an indepth look into Vaastu.